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Chi Ha 97
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U-Boat Type VII C
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Spitfire Mk VB

BM-13N Katyusha "Stalin Organ"

TYPE 97 Chi-Ha

Riveted construction. The driver sat on the right and a the machine gunner on the left. The 2 man turret was hand cranked and was offset to the right. The sprocket was in the front and the idler in the rear. 57 mm gun had muzzle velocity of 1,378 ft/sec. The middle return roller only supported the inside of the track. The 4 center wheels were mounted in pairs on bell cranks. The outside wheels were independently mounted.

Internal communications were accomplished by 12 push buttons in the turret connected to 12 lights and a buzzer by the driver.

Type 97 Special Shinhoto Chi-Ha: New turrets designed by Mitsubishi for the Type 1 Chi-He were put onto Type 97 tanks. Mainstay of Japanese Armored forces. Since the Type 1 Chi-He was slow in getting into full production it was decided to upgrade the Type 97 Chi-Ha production. First used in 1942.

The 47 mm gun could fire at 2,700'/s and would penetrate 70 mm of armor at 500 yards.


36 Type 97s with the 9th Tank Regiment, commanded by Colonel Takashi Goto, arrived on Saipan in April 1944. In the early morning hours of June 17, 1944, 37 Type 97s and Type 95s joined with the 136th Infantry Regiment (commanded by Colonel Yukimatsu Ogawa) and attacked the 6th Marines. Several of the tanks got bogged down near the Susupe swamp while the rest moved forward towards the Marine lines. The Marines using machine guns, mortars, bazookas, artillery, and naval gun fire were able to stop the attack which was the largest tank attack of the Central Pacific.

It's role was to deal with machine gun nests and field fortifications encountered by the infantry.

In 1942 a new turret with a 47 mm Type 97 L/48 gun was fitted. Muzzle velocity of 2,625 ft/ sec.


Type 97 Chi-Ha Type 97 Special Shinhoto Chi-Ha
Crew Commander, loader, driver, gunner-hull Commander, loader, driver, gunner-hull
Physical Characteristics    
Weight 33,000 lb
15,000 kg
14, 14.76, 15 tons
35,000, 33,069 lb,
15,000, 16,000 kg
15.8 tons
Length w/gun 18', 18' 0.75", 16' 7"
5, 5.5 m
18' 0.75",
18' 1"
Length w/o gun    
Height 7' 3.5", 7' 4"
2.23 m
7' 9.5",
7' 4"
Width 7' 8", 6' 7"
2, 2.33 m
7' 8"
Ground clearance    
Ground contact length 1' 3.5"  
Ground pressure    
Turret ring diameter    
Armament (mm)    
Main 57 mm Type 97 (90) 47 mm Type 97 (1)
MG 7.7 mm Type 97 MG, turret rear, hull 7.7 mm MG, turret rear, hull
Side arms    
Main 80: HE, 40: AP 114, 104
MG 2,350 2,575
Side arms    
Armor Thickness (mm)    
Hull Front, Upper 25 38
Hull Front, Lower 17  
Hull Sides, Upper 20-35  
Hull Sides, Lower 20-35  
Hull Rear 20  
Hull Top 10  
Hull Bottom 8 8
Turret Front 25
Mantlet: 30
Turret Sides 25  
Turret Rear 25  
Turret Top 10  
Engine (Make / Model) Mitsubishi Type 97 air cooled Mitsubishi air cooled Type 97
Cylinders 12 12
Net HP 170 @ 2,000 rpm 170
Transmission 4 forward, 1 reverse  
Fuel type Diesel  
Traverse 360°, hand 360°
Max Speed 23.5, 24 mph
38.6, 39 kph
23.5, 24 mph
Cross Country    
Road radius 130 miles  
Turning Radius    
Elevation Limits -9° to +11°  
Fording depth 3' 3"  
Trench crossing 8' 3"  
Vertical Obstacle 2' 6"  
Suspension (Type) Bell crank  
Wheels each side 6 dual rubber tired  
Return rollers each side 3  
Track length    
Track width 2' 11"  
Track centers/tread    
Production 1937-1943: 3,000 1942-