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M10 Wolverine
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Chi Ha 97
Hanomag Sdkfz.251
VW Type 82 Kübelwagen
SdKfz.124 Wespe
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Spitfire Mk VB

BM-13N Katyusha "Stalin Organ"

B-17 picture #4

Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress

SYNOPSIS: One of the most well-known bombers of all time, the B-17 Flying Fortress became famous in the long daylight bombing raids over Europe in WWII. While it lacked the range and bombload of its contemporary the B-24 Liberator, the B-17 became the more famous of the two due to the many tales of B-17s bringing their crews back home despite heavy damage. With up to thirteen machine guns, the B-17 seemed to be a genuine flying "fortress in the sky". However, bomber losses reached the unacceptable point in 1943 in the face of stiff German opposition, and the B-17s had to wait until the introduction of long-range fighter escort before they could continue their war against the Reich. (Also, see the page on the YB-40, which was a heavily-armed B-17 meant to escort other B-17s.)

Type:           Heavy bomber
Crew:           10: Pilot, Co-Pilot, Engineer, Bombardier, Radioman,  5 Gunners
Armament:       thirteen .50 cal machine guns (G model)
                up to 17,600 lbs. of bombs

        Length:         74' 4" (22.66 m)
        Height:         19' 1" (5.82 m)
        Wingspan:       103' 10" (31.65 m)
        Gross Weight:   55000.0 lb

        No. of Engines: 4
        Powerplant:     Wright R-1820 Cyclone
        Horsepower:     1200 hp each

        Range:          1850 miles w/ 4000 lb. bombload
        Cruise Speed:   170 mph (273 km/h)
        Max Speed:      300 mph (483 km/h)
        Ceiling:        35000 ft (10667 m)