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BM-13N Katyusha "Stalin Organ"

BM-13N Katyusha "Stalin Organ"

Russian Name: BM-13N Katyusha
a.k.a. "Stalin Organ"
Manufacturer: Truck chassis by Studebaker
Type: mobile Rocket Artillery
Crew: two (driver, gunner)
Engine: Hercules JXD 6-cyl, 5240cc, 95hp/2500rpm
Max speed: 69 hm/h
Max range: 390 km
Dimensions: Length: 6.32 m;
Width: 2.23 m;
Height: 2.70 m
Weight: 4,8t (without rocket mount)
Armour: none
Armament: 12x 132mm rocket
or 16x 132mm rocket
or 48x 132mm rocket
Ammunition: 132mm M13 rockets
History: More than 100.000 Studebakers US6 were shipped to the USSR (land-lease), where they were used as carrier for the Katyusha-rocket-system.
The rockets were fired from racks mounted on heavy trucks and had a range of 5-8 km. A battalion could lay down an immense rapid-fire barrage.
The rocket was 1.8 m long, 130 mm in diameter
and weighed 42 kg