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Hanomag Sdkfz.251
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View of CV-6 in 1942

USS Enterprise CV-6, as she appeared in 1942. Port holes which were exposed before the war have been welded over, and she sports numerous anti-aircraft batteries and a CXAM-1 air-search radar installation.

Enterprise herself had the most remarkable combat history of any ship in the Pacific War, arguably of any ship in modern naval history. In December 1941 she and Lexington were the only carriers operating out of Hawaii. Enterprise – flagship of Vice-Admiral Halsey’s Task Force Sixteen - was ferrying aircraft to Wake Island at the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor. She participated in the earliest US carrier raids in the Pacific, and in the Doolittle Raid she escorted her sister Hornet, with Enterprise again serving as Halsey’s flagship. At Midway she carried the flag of Admiral Spruance (who replaced Halsey when the latter was disabled by illness) and played the most important role of any ship in the battle - Enterprise aircraft can probably be credited with hitting three of the four Japanese carriers sunk at Midway, and can certainly be credited with the destruction of two. She then went on to play a vital role in the Guadalcanal campaign. At the Battle of the Eastern Solomons in August she received her first battle damage - a bomb hit. In October she was again damaged, at the Battle of Santa Cruz, but, although still not fully repaired, made an essential contribution to the decisive American victory in the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal in the following month. She in fact participated in every carrier-versus-carrier battle of the Pacific War after Coral Sea (Midway, Eastern Solomons, Santa Cruz and Philippine Sea), and in almost all other actions of the US fast carrier forces including Leyte Gulf. In April 1945, during the Okinawa campaign, she was struck three times by kamikaze aircraft and badly damaged.

USS Enterprise CV-6  -  Data

_Launched:   3 October 1936

Standard displacement:   19,900 tons

Length:  809.5 feet (overall)  761 feet (at waterline)

Beam:   83.25 feet   Draught: 21.75 feet

Propulsion:   4 Parsons single-reduction geared turbines

Shaft horse-power:   120,000

Speed:   33 knots

Gun armament (in 1944 ):  8 x5-inch in single mounts
                                                          40 x 40mm. AA in quadruple mounts
                                                          60-plus x 20mm AA in single mounts

   Aircraft:   up to 100  ( but normally between 80 and 90 )