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M10 Wolverine
M4 Sherman
M3 Half-Track
Willys Overland Jeep MB
M7 Priest
B-17 Flying Fortress
SBD-6 Dauntless
P-51 Mustang
F4U Corsair
USS Enterprise
HMS Prince of Wales
USN Fletcher Class
USN Gato Class
LCVP Higgins Boat

PzKfW Mk.VI Tiger
PzKfW Mk.IV Panzer
Hanomag Sdkfz.251
VW Type 82 Kübelwagen
SdKfz.124 Wespe
Junkers Ju 87B Stuka
Messerschmitt Bf-109e

Chi Ha 97
Aichi D3A1 Val
A6M Zeke/Zero
IJN Shokaku Class
IJN Yamato
IJN Akizuki Class
U-Boat Type VII C
Dai-Hatsu 14M

Spitfire Mk VB

BM-13N Katyusha "Stalin Organ"

Daihatsu 14M VLC

Type: Landing Craft
Real Loading Capacity: 70 troops or 1 Type 89 Medium Tank or 12 tons cargo
Game-Crew: eight (driver, AA-gunner, passengers)
Engine: Gasoline, later Diesel Engine; 60 hp
Max speed: 9 knots
Dimensions: 14.88 x 3.35 m
Weight: 9.5 ton
Armament: AA-machinegun
History/Facts: The first model was finished in 1930. In 1932, a larger model to load a medium tank was made and it was mass-produced. Daihatsu has a steel hull and a spiral screw as well as Shohatsu. An armor plate in the front of the pilot. A panel at bow can be fallen down to load and unload a vehicle. The bottom of the bow is W-shaped in order to stabilize the vessel when it lands on the beach.

The imperial Japanese army already introduced the Daihatsu landing boat in the year 1930. The Japanese strategists was already in the middle of the 20's clear that they needed a vehicle for their expansion plans in the Pacific area, with which fast troops and material also in unprepared places be accreted could. Several types of landing boats developed, from which the usually-built and most successful Daihatsu boat were. It possessed a steel trunk with two keels lying next to each other, which should prevent a tilting of the boat, if it ran on the beach. The screw of the boat was spiral formed, so that it could not be blocked and thrown off when the over driving obstacles. The attendant was protected by an armour-plate from mg bombardment from the front. 60 HP engine that brought scarcely 15 meters for a long time and to 9.5 tons a heavy boat on one maximally nine knots speed. The Daihatsu Landungsboot became common from the Japanese with the pure troop landing boat Shohatsu on the Pacific theater during entire 2. World war very effectively for the transport of soldiers and ammunition and/or other goods uses. It had a loading capacity of 12 tons and could up to 70 soldiers take up  nearly twice as many like its American counterpart, the Higginsboot. Also a tank of the type 89 Yi Go could be transported in the load bay  in this combination the Daihatsu boats particularly with the landing operations in China and on the Philippines was used. The Daihatsus was armed either with a machine gun or an air defense cannon. Some of the copies armed with Flak found also as gunboats for patrol travels use. Altogether approximately 6000 pieces of these exzellenten boats were built.