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M10 Wolverine
M4 Sherman
M3 Half-Track
Willys Overland Jeep MB
M7 Priest
B-17 Flying Fortress
SBD-6 Dauntless
P-51 Mustang
F4U Corsair
USS Enterprise
HMS Prince of Wales
USN Fletcher Class
USN Gato Class
LCVP Higgins Boat

PzKfW Mk.VI Tiger
PzKfW Mk.IV Panzer
Hanomag Sdkfz.251
VW Type 82 Kübelwagen
SdKfz.124 Wespe
Junkers Ju 87B Stuka
Messerschmitt Bf-109e

Chi Ha 97
Hanomag Sdkfz.251
VW Type 82 Kübelwagen
SdKfz.124 Wespe
Aichi D3A1 Val
A6M Zeke/Zero
IJN Shokaku Class
IJN Yamato
IJN Akizuki Class
U-Boat Type VII C
Dai-Hatsu 14M

Spitfire Mk VB

BM-13N Katyusha "Stalin Organ"

SBD-6 Dauntless

SBD-6 Dauntless

Manufacturer: Douglas Aircraft Company
Type: naval dive-bomber
Role: Scout Bomber,
Dive Bomber
Crew: two (pilot, radio-op/aft-gunner)
Engine: One 1,350-hp Wright R-1820-66
Cyclone 9-cylinder radial piston engine
Fuel Capacity: 1.173 liters
Max speed: 255 mph at 14000 feet
Service Ceiling: 25530 ft
Max range: 1115 miles typical, 1565 miles max
Dimensions: Wing Span: 41ft. 6in.;
Length: 33ft.;
Height: 12ft. 11in.;
Wing area: 325 sq ft
Weight: Empty 6,535 lbs.; Max Takeoff 9,519 lbs.
Armament: 2 × 12,7 mm machine guns mounted in
the upper nose, firing through propeller;
2 × 7,62 mm machine guns trainable rearward
firing in rear cockpit;
Under-fuselage mountings for up to 1,600 pounds of bombs; Wing hardpts for up to 650 pounds of bombs.